Startups that are combat-ing COVID-19

During this extremely large change, many companies adapted and are working extremely hard to use their products to help combat this virus, to make a difference and help those who are in need. In this blog we will discuss many Startups and companies that are doing just this!

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COVID-19 started and spread rapidly throughout the entire world! It was so sudden and we weren’t prepared… Isn’t life kind of like this though? Change happens everyday, sometimes it’s drastic change and sometimes its small change, but change always happens, regardless of our plans. We adapt to change just like we did with COVID-19. During this extremely large change, many companies adapted and are working extremely hard to use their products to help combat this virus, to make a difference and help those who are in need. In this blog we will discuss many Startups and companies that are doing just this!


The first Startup is PIXDEA! Their product is amazing and they are working very hard to change the way students learn by creating a hands on and digital learning platform. How it works? Just put on these special 3D virtual glasses and explore all aspects of learning, hands on. Want to learn about the planet, leave your textbooks in the traditional classroom and explore the galaxy in the virtual world, touch, rotate and explore planets and so much more.

This product transforms the textbook way of learning and makes it fun, by giving you hands on 3D learning. Students who use this product have been proven to learn more quickly than those learning the traditional way! So you may be wondering how this product is helping to fight COVID-19? First of all, PIXDEA turns your classroom into a digital one, no need to go to school, your classroom is with you at home now! PIXDEA helps students learn from the safety of their home so that they aren’t spreading the virus at school.

Most importantly PIXDEA has created a virtual reality that helps students learn about COVID-19!  There are 4 objectives of this new feature they have created! The first, is to explain the history of COVID and its journey throughout the world. The second objective is to explain what the COVID virus is, its structure, and how it works. The third, is to teach how it infects and spreads from person to person along with how it arrived into the US.

The last objective is to teach the importance of good hygiene practices for combating the virus. This product is amazing because it gets children excited about learning! This new feature will help spread awareness to children about the current situation, so that they can have knowledge regarding how to prevent the spread of COVID-19! To learn more about this Startup check out their website here.



ClickCard is an app that turns paper business cards digital! ClickCard makes business cards more sustainable and effective by reducing the amount of paper that traditional business cards waste. Did you know that 88% of business cards are thrown away? That’s a lot of paper and inc wasted… ClickCards are not only digital but also clickable, meaning that any information added to your digital business card will be interactive, so that people can contact you more quickly and seamlessly. Need to send Sally a quick email or give her a call?

Just click on her email and your phone will quickly open a new email addressed to Sally, so that you can contact her quicker than ever before! the same applies to the phone number or any other information on her ClickCard. This app prevents others from losing or throwing away your business card because it’s easily stored in the receivers’ phone, even if they aren’t using the ClickCard app yet! One of the most beneficial features about this App is that you can share your digital business card with anyone, even with those who haven’t downloaded the ClickCard app yet. ClickCard offers many ways of sharing your digital business card with others.

The most popular way of sharing your ClickCard with others is by using your personalized QR Code! Just show your QR Code to the other person and have them scan it with their phones camera and they will quickly receive your business card! This QR Code feature works offline or online so no matter where you are, you can always share your business card with others. The ClickCard App also has a digital wallet feature where you can organize not only the digital business cards you receive but also the paper business cards you receive. If someone hands you a paper business card you can use the ClickCard scanning feature to scan, digitalize and then store all paper business cards within the digital wallet feature.

The digital wallet feature helps you organize all of your business cards in one place, so that you can quickly search and find them later. ClickCard also offers real time analytics, so that you can see how many shares, clicks, views and downloads your business cards are getting! The ClickCard app has a free version for those of you who run a business alone and also a paid version for companies! The paid version also allows your company to personalize and customize their digital cards to match their logo and company style. Within the app you will be able to create and edit all business cards so that your employees can have their own digital business card, that matches your company style and logo, within a matter of seconds!

Try out these amazing features for free by downloading the ClickCard app available in the App Store and Google Play today!

So how is the ClickCard app helping combat COVID-19? Well, as many of you know or have experienced, businesses have shifted to remote work or work from home rather than in the office. People are now meeting through Zoom and other platforms for meetings rather than in person. With all of these meetings happening online, it’s now difficult to exchange paper business cards. With ClickCard you can share your digital business card with others through email, WhatsApp, social media, or with your QR Code!

Even if you were having in person meetings, exchanging paper business cards would be a quick way of transferring COVID-19 to someone else. To prevent this it would be better to exchange information with no contact, which ClickCard allows you to do. Right now with COVID-19 situation, ClickCard is offering free digital business cards to everyone in order to help prevent the spread of this virus! Just download the ClickCard app available on Google Play and the App Store. To learn more about this App, check out their website here.

Bleenco – Artificial Intelligence

This solution is a COVID-19 detection solution that uses two cameras to detect measurements right underneath the tongue. This artificial intelligence uses two cameras: one infrared and one RGB. The Infrared camera checks your temperature just below your tongue and the RGB camera detects facial gestures. This product is very effective because it works independently and can process the detection within 3 seconds. This solution can also be used with pre-existing cameras. To learn more about this fascinating solution check out their website at

This technology is in real time and a great way to stay updated with the current COVID-19 situation. If you are curious about the current status of COVID-19 check out the situation live here.

Inovako – Artificial Vision

The Inovako artificial intelligence model can detect if a patient is negative or positive for COVID-19 by distinguishing radiographs of the patients. This company is from Istanbul, Turkey. Not only has Inovako created this amazing technology, they are currently developing an artificial intelligence model to help radiology activity so that it can become faster and have more efficient. To learn more about this company click on this link.

DeciDATA – Big Data

The DeciDATA-19 Panel was created by the same developer of Big Data Analytics solution. This tool calculates the degree of saturation experienced in real time in both public and private hospitals that make up the Basque area in Bizkaia. This measurement tool was created in Bilbao, Bizkaia and is only being used there. This tool tracks and provides data so that we can view the evolution of the CoronaVirus within the Basque Country. If you would like to learn more about DeciData, then check out their website here.

AddiFab – Additive Manufacturing

AddiFab was created in Denmark but is currently available in the USA and Europe. This 3D-printing pioneer, teamed up with Danish Emergency Medicine Specialist Michael Molmer to create a PPE that protects frontline workers from being exposed to COVID-19, by adapting divers’ masks. The MiMo face mask adapter is a medical-grade rubber sleeve that allows bidirectional bacterial/viral removal filters with gas outlets, similar to ISO 5356-1 to be mounted on a full-face diver’s mask. The evaluated expertise in various fields to meet the current need and produce these masks. Assifab is now producing 100-150 units a day. If you would like to learn more about this solution, visit their website here.

Mizar – Additive Manufacturing

Mizar is currently manufacturing, due to 3D printing technology, sanitary masks, visors and calyces for respirators. They are also working on the development of a new respirator with 3D technology. If you would like to learn more about Mizar click on this link.


WiTraC (Valencia) – Internet of Things

Last but not least on our list is the Startup WiTraC, created in Valencia. WiTraC can monitor and know in real time, the amount of occupation of shops and establishments, allowing you to avoid crowds and keep security and safety measures during these difficult times. This technology was possible because of the installation of people counting sensors and mobile devices. Due to the WiTrac technology, safety and health protocols can be improved, including alerting in the event of excess capacity. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful StartUp than checkout their website here.

More Information about COVID-19

If you are curious to learn more about COVID-19 and how it started, check out this New York Times article. Hopefully you enjoyed learning about many Startups that are combating COVID-19! There are many other Startups helping to combat this virus however, these were just a few.

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